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We appreciate your excellent choice and trust in SAYAN ELECTRIC. Attached to this message, you will find the terms and conditions outlining our warranty services. Should you have any questions or require further guidance after reviewing the warranty conditions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Customer Service Department.

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Warranty Terms and Conditions:

Thank you for choosing SAYAN ELECTRIC Lighting Industries. To ensure a seamless experience with our warranty services, please familiarize yourself with the following terms and conditions. Failure to comply with any stipulated conditions may result in the invalidation of the warranty. A valid purchase receipt is required to avail warranty services.

The products of SAYAN ELECTRIC Lighting Industries are covered by the warranty of SAYAN ELECTRIC Company for a period of 5 years from the date of production for products with OSRAM drivers, 3 years for products with SAYAN drivers, and 2 years for products with onboard drivers (DOB products).

1- Any issues with the light reported after it is sent to the factory by the customer will be assessed by our experts. If the observed conditions align with the terms outlined in the warranty, the light will undergo repair or replacement. If repair proves unfeasible, the light will be substituted with either the original model or a comparable one.

2- Any damage to the light body, such as dents, holes, scratches, damage resulting from exposure to environmental conditions incompatible with the light's performance and IP rate, and improper storage leading to harm, will result in the invalidation of the warranty. Additionally, it is imperative that any actions to install a remote control, sensor, or integrate the light into a smart system network must be coordinated with the company's experts; otherwise, the warranty will be deemed invalid.

3-The installation and illuminating of the light must strictly adhere to the provided instructions, and any utilization of a power supply/driver other than the specified power supply/driver will result in the invalidation of the warranty.

4- The customer is responsible for the expenses associated with opening and reinstalling the light after shipping and re-receipt. Additionally, company is not responsible for any costs incurred by the customer, such as work stoppage, property damage, and expenses related to the use of a lifter and scaffolding.

5 - The costumers bears the responsibility for the shipping costs to the factory and the return of warranty items. This includes all associated expenses for warranty items, encompassing delivery costs to the our offices or city terminals, transportation to the factory, and reshipment after the warranty is applied to the customer's address.

6- Damages such as breakage and harm to the body and diffuser, or loss of goods that occurred during transportation, are not covered by the warranty. Repair, replacement, and substitution of the light in such cases will necessitate payment.

7- If the customer requests the dispatch of a technician or installation team to address a defect or install purchased lights, the customer is responsible for covering the costs of residence and the round-trip travel for the dispatched team.

8-Any manipulation or modification to the light body, including drilling, cutting, or bending, or any operations that alters the original shape of the product, as well as the removal of electrical components, soldering, or changes to the light wiring system to connect to the city power grid or DC current adapter, will result in the invalidation of the warranty. In such cases, the repair or replacement of the light will incur additional costs. It is important to note that seeking guidance from the company's experts in the event of a problem will help uphold the terms of the warranty.

9- Receipt of warranty services from the company is conditional on sending the light to the factory. If the company's products are installed in a remote location or in an unconventional way that prevents their removal and dispatch to the factory, and the customer requests on-site warranty services, all expenses related to dispatching experts, including round-trip travel, residence, and any costs associated with providing access to the defective light for the company's experts, are the responsibility of the customer.

10- Consumable parts, such as the diffuser, cable, and light cap, are not covered by the warranty. In the event of a requirement, the customer will be charged for the cost of the needed part, along with associated expenses for shipping and replacement.

11- Damages resulting from electrical shock, power surges, or natural disasters such as lightning, as well as factors like flood, earthquake, or fire, as determined by the company's expert, is not covered by the warranty. The company is not liable for compensation in such cases.

12- If the customer requests on-site services such as execution, installation, or warranty assistance, the company will notify the customer of the scheduled time for expert dispatch. The company has no responsibility for the dispatch of experts to the site at the requested time and the damages caused by delay due to the non-dispatch of experts is not the responsibility of the company.

13- After the product left from the factory and the receiving the shipping receipt by buyers, the company bears no responsibility for the shipped goods and any issues arising after shipping until delivery. This includes delays in delivery, breakage, or loss. In the event of a problem, the customer can follow up conditions through the shipping bill or shipping receipt.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please contact our Customer Service Department. Thank you for your trust in SAYAN ELECTRIC Lighting Industries.

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