Light, Nature of Growth

At the forefront of intelligent lighting in the agricultural industry, we specialize in designing and manufacturing plant growth lights for greenhouses and urban horticulture . Our focus is on utilizing the highest quality SMD LEDs, incorporating the latest global technology. This approach not only leads to increased productivity of crops and horticultural products but also enhances nutritional factors while simultaneously reducing fossil energy consumption.

Horticulture Lighting

Specialized Greenhouse Lighting for Optimal Plant Growth

To deal with the upcoming challenges in the field of food and increasing the productivity of crops production, we provide solutions and specialized designs of lighting systems for plant growth.

Todays, more and more people are asking technology to solve many of their problems and deficiencies, and this is true even for "indistrial agriculture". People want fresh and nutritious vegetables, beautiful flowers and fragrant plants all year round, and what better way to fulfill this need through online stores and other e-commerce methods. Fortunately, the art and science of growing plants is evolving with new digital and smart technologies to create vertical farms, hydroponic greenhouses, and micro-horticulture systems, enabling humans to farm in big cities and even in their own homes.

Continuous research in the field of light and smart technologies allows agricultural professionals to meet the daily and ever-increasing needs of consumers.

As a pioneer in light and related technologies, OSRAM stands at the forefront of advancements in plant growth lighting across various aspects in the agricultural industry, encompassing SMD LEDs, LED grow lights, and comprehensive lighting solutions. Serving as the official sales distributer of OSRAM products in Iran, Sayan Electric is dedicated to designing and manufacturing LED lights that foster sustainable plant growth, ultimately enhancing crop productivity. Through the utilization of specialized LEDs for plant growth and the latest agricultural lighting systems, there is a significant improvement in product quality.

By researching and reviewing the latest scientific articles, Sayan Electric's R&D team closely cooperates with experts and researchers in this industry . This collaboration allows us to develop lights and systems that optimize crop production, ensuring a reliable supply to diverse markets, including retail markets, food sales, flower shops, and food and medicine processing factories.

The Need for LED Lighting in Greenhouses

By 2050, the world population will reach 9.5 billion people. Two-thirds of the total population will live in megacities, and the world's food needs will be 70% higher than the current production capacity. As we know, traditional agriculture will no longer be sufficient to provide a healthy diet to people living in big cities. Artificial light is the key to benefit from new agricultural methods. In this regard, LEDs outperform other conventional light sources in several dimensions. LEDs continuously provide plants with light of ideal wavelengths for photosynthesis. LEDs release significantly less heat during operation and are 70% more energy efficient than other lights. Also, LED light sources have a much longer lifespan.

The eight global leading companies in the agricultural lighting industry are:  Osram | Philips Lighting | Lumileds | Samsung | Cree | Sylvania | Infineon Mars Hydro

Sayan Electric, serving as the sales representative of Osram products in Iran, supports professionals in industrial agriculture and greenhouse cultivation by providing Osram's LED chips. Additionally, the company designs and manufactures LED modules and lights tailored for plant growth. For purchasing Osram LED chips, specialized lamps, and other products, you can visit the Shoplight online store. To inquire about the design and ordering process for modules and plant growth lights, please contact the company's research and development unit.

Applications of artificial light in agriculture

Artificial light in environments without natural light

Vertical Farms

Supplying artificial LED lighting systems in vertical farming,

where plants are cultivated in stacked layers, will facilitate

the advancement of urban agriculture.

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Designing lighting systems to optimize plants growth


Design and production of LED modules and lights suitable for all types of plants and crops, by reducing energy consumption and adverse environmental effects, leads to an increase in the quantity and quality of products, while at the same time reducing the harmful effects of humans on the environment.

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Researches for development of plants growth

Research and Tissue culture Centers

Study of the lighting needs of research centers and tissue culture centers for improving the growth stages of plants and crops is carried out with the aim of achieving higher quality and higher productivity in order to design and manufacture knowledge-based LED modules and lights.

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Horticulture for use in indoor and home applications

Home Applications

Sayan Electric makes it easy to grow healthy and tasty lettuce, plants and vegetables at home by designing and manufacturing LED lights for plant growth. Access to fresh vegetables and produce in every home is an achievable dream.

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The latest specialized lighting studies in plant growth field

In this video you can learn more about the "Controlled Environment Lighting Laboratory (CELL)" located at Michigan State University. By watching this video, you will be able to discover what activities Dr. Erik Runkel and his team are doing at the forefront of researchs on how the quality, quantity and duration of light supply affects plant growth and food development.

Dr. Erik Runkel in this department of agriculture said in an interview that: "With a light source with a precise design, engineered and adjustable, we can create any type of light specifications we want". He also said: "We can literally program an unlimited number of lighting scenarios, which creates tremendous opportunities for our research. Plant lighting in CELL gives us the ability to do really complex and exciting research that provides great benefits to commercial growers and industrial greenhouse growers, and will also lead to the generation of information and findings that will advance the science of plant lighting.

OSRAM's PHYTOFY RL lighting system is a program for subjects beyond the planet. In this series of videos, you can discover how NASA researchers adjust lighting to optimize plant growth in different conditions. These settings will be replicated in the advanced plant habitat on the International Space Station and will meet the complex requirements of astronauts' food production.

"Many of the world's most interesting and useful inventions have been used by NASA scientists over the past few decades," said Steve Graves, OSRAM's Strategic Urban Agriculture and Digital Agriculture Program Manager. It is a great honor that NASA scientists are also using our company's knowledge and technologies to fuel further innovation. We are also excited about the possibilities the Phytofy RL system brings to a wide range of agriculture and space farming applications, and our dedicated teams are eager to continue learning and refining the system. 

From greenhouses to vertical farms and urban agriculture, we can provide specialized and powerful lighting installations considering your crop type, conditions and environment for your agricultural lighting. Increasing product productivity and reducing energy consumption are the two main aspects of Sayan Electric's designs.

With the increase in population and the expansion of human need to produce more in quantity and higher  in quality agricultural products at the same time with regard to reducing energy consumption, the need to quickly change the current traditional agricultural systems has become a strategic issue for all governments. Light is one of the most important components of cultivation and agriculture which is been bolded by  development of artificial light technologies, especially LED. The design of high efficiency LED modules and lights for plant growth based on the latest research and articles in the world is one of the Sayan Electric  R&D center's strategy.

Our Services In Agricultural Lighting Solutions

Plant Experts

We know that each type of plant needs different light, it is a challenging issue. Our team works directly with scientists, researchers and plant breeders to enhance the quality and quantity of crops to new levels.

Business Partners

For more years, Sayan Electric has been playing an active role in the lighting industry market, the relationship with the world's most prestigious companies, including OSRAM, and the using the world's latest technologies  is an key point.

Customized Design

According to the needs of growers and greenhouse owners and taking into account the environmental conditions and information collected from each project, customized designs are implemented by Sayan Electric's research and development (R&D) center.

Consultation & Participation

With close cooperation with researchers and scientists in the field of agriculture and participation in specialized research, we are able to implement projects to breed crops and shape the future of plant lighting and increase productivity in the agricultural industry.

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