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Tuna L

Product Features

> Luminaire Type : Emergency Route Direction Recessed Light

> Input Voltage (VAC) : 190 ... 230

> Operating Temperature (°C) : 0 ... +40

> Body material  : Anodized Aluminum With Polycarbonate End-Caps

> Dimensions (cm) : 29.9x18

> Maximum Viewing Distance (m) : 28

> Backup Battery : Optional

Product Benefits

> Single-Sided Or Double-Sided Options Available

> Backup Battery Available Option

> Green Battery Charge Level Indicator *

>Long Life Time Without High Luminous Drop During Time

> High-Temperature Resistance Nickel-Cadmium Industrial Battery *

> Edge-Lit Technology Using SMD LED

> Protection Circuit For Overcharge And Full Discharge *

> Capability Of Manufacturing Any Silk-Screened Pictograms

*for series with backup battery

     download Tuna L family datasheet                                 more downloads >>

Product Series
Product Codewattage
Luminous Flux
Color Temperature
Backup Battery Dimensions
SE-TAL0827200020EM88006500NO Battery37.6x2121.44
SE-TAL0527203H20EM554065003.6V Ni-Cd37.6x2152.00
About Product

> Tuna L Designed And Manufactured using OSRAM  LED Chips.


          > Entrance And Exit Routes Of Public Places      

          > Corridors And Passageways

          > Hospitals And Medical Centers

          > Offices And Public Buildings

          > Hotels And  Restaurants

          > Commercial And Entertainment Centers


Datasheets, Brochures and Technical specifications

Tuna L family datasheet

Tuna L series all datasheets                                                  SAYAN products brochure

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