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Product Features

luminaire type : Surface Mounted  Dust Proof Luminaire

>  Efficacy (lm/w) : 120

>  CRI : > 90

>  Input Voltage (VAC) : 190 ... 240

>  Operating Temperature (°) : -20 ... +45

>  IP  : 65

>  Body material  : Polycarbonate

notice-Also Available For Use With Led Tube Or Fluorescent Lamp.

                          LED TUBE T8  >>

Product Benefits

> Suitable For Most Industrial Applications With High IP Rating (IP65).

> Visual Beauty And Elegant Body Design.

> Easy And Safe Installation.

> Highly Durable Body On Pressure And Impact.

> Saving Energy With High Efficiency.

> Capability Of Installation As Surface Mounted Or Pendant On  Walls And Ceilings.

> Long Life time Without High Luminous Drop During Time And Maintenance-Free.

> Capability Of Manufacturing By Using LED Modules Or LED Tubes And Also Fluorescent Lamps.

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Product Series
Product CodeLight Sourcewattage
Luminous Flux
Color Temperature
SE-AP118S0721265FLS Fluorescent Lamp1x1812003000-4000-65007219.12
SE-AP218S0721265FLS Fluorescent Lamp2x1824003000-4000-65007220.06
SE-AP111S0721265LTB LED Tube T81x1112503000-4000-65007212.04
SE-AP211S0721265LTB LED Tube T82x1125003000-4000-65007212.51
SE-AP036S0721265ECO Modular3643003000-4000-65007217.68
SE-AP036S0721265SCX Modular3643003000-4000-65007224.81
SE-AP044S0721265SCX Modular4452003000-4000-65007230.34
SE-AP136S1281265FLS Fluorescent Lamp1x3624003000-4000-650012826.20
SE-AP236S1281265FLS Fluorescent Lamp2x3648003000-4000-650012827.00
SE-AP122S1281265LTB LED Tube T81x2225003000-4000-650012816.76
SE-AP222S1281265LTB LED Tube T82x2250003000-4000-650012817.70
SE-AP072S1281265ECO Modular7286003000-4000-650012827.59
SE-AP072S1281265SCX Modular7286003000-4000-650012834.12
SE-AP090S1281265SCX Modular88104003000-4000-650012850.35
About Product

> Alpha Designed and Manufactured using OSRAM  DURIS E 2835 SMD LED chips.


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Datasheets, Brochures and Technical specifications

Alpha family datasheet

Alpha series all datasheets                                                  SAYAN products brochure

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