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Product Features

Luminaire Type : Surface Mounted Motion Sensor Light

>  Efficacy (lm/w) : 100

>  CRI : > 90

>  Input Voltage (VAC) : 190 ... 240

>  Operating Temperature (°C) : -20 ... +45

>  IP  : 40

> Sensor Type : Microwave

Product Benefits

> Saving Energy By Using Local And Smart Lighting.

> No Needs To Turn Lights On Or Off By Hand.

> Ambient On Time Lighting.

> Long Life Time Without High Luminous Drop During Time And Maintenance-Free.

> Automatic Turning Lights On Or Off  With Sensing Motions In Ambient.

> Detecting motions in appropriate field of view using a microwave sensor.

> Automatically Lights Turning Off After Optimal Time.

> Capability Of Installing On Various Type Of Ceilings And Walls, Including Gypsum Ceiling And Suspended Ceiling.

> Uniform Illumination Using  High Efficiency Opal Satin Polystyrene Light Diffuser.

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Product Series
Product Codewattage
Luminous Flux
Color Temperature
Sensor TypeDiameter
SE-DZ18S250440ECO 1818003000-4000-6500x257.62
SE-DZ18S250440MMS 1818003000-4000-6500Microwave2510.39
About Product

> Deniz Designed and Manufactured using OSRAM Duris E 2835 SMD LED Chips.


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Datasheets, Brochures and Technical specifications

Deniz family datasheet

Deniz series all datasheets                                                  SAYAN products brochure

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